Opening Day Favorites

What's the first thing I purchased from the shop? Pet treats of course! I'm super excited about the Treatible and Charlotte's Web dog treats in large and small sizes. Treatibles has 3 flavors including pumpkin. I also got the 17mg chicken flavored CW CBD tincture for my crazy bulldog. It helps calm her down when she gets “frisbee obsessed”.

Now on to the fun stuff for humans. The Charlottes Web melatonin CBD gummy bears are amazing. Take one or two gummies, 2 hours before bed and you will sleep like a baby. We have already reordered two cases because so many have already sold.

The last item shown are the Lucent Botanical mints. The cute little plastic pop top container has tiny 10mg mints in versions to promote calm, focus, energy, mood, pain, inflammation and sleep. Easy to carry with you and they have a great mint flavor.

Check back later this week for a post on my daily CBD routine including tinctures, edibles and skincare.

#petsmatter #cbd

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