My Daily CBD Routine

I am often asked, "How much CBD should you take?". I think it’s very individual question and it’s important to figure out your “sweet spot“. Studies have shown that you cannot overdose on CBD and you won’t feel negative side effects of taking too much, but you do increase your tolerance which equates to wasting money. It’s has been also shown that cannabinoid receptors diminish when flooded with constant high doses of CBD. That said, my sweet spot is 15-20mg of a sublingual tincture (held under the tongue for 1 minute or more for maximum absorption) each morning. I feel most relaxed between hour 2-8 after the tincture. I'm currently using the Nuleaf tincture, but it's flavor may be too strong for new users. Mid afternoon I choose a 10mg mint from Lucent Botanicals. I switch between their Calm and Focus. I recently tried the inflammation version as well. These are great because they have terpenes blended back in and I feel like each mint variety really does work differently. Sometimes I switch it up and use a half a dropper (equal to about 10mg) of a full spectrum tincture in the afternoon, instead of a mint. In the evening, 1-2 hours before bed I faithfully take 1-2 Charlotte's Web sleep gummies. Two gummies contain 10mg full spectrum CBD and melatonin. These are so popular with our CBD store and cannabis store employees we had to restock only 4 days after opening! I'm loving the CBD skincare and have added it to my routine. My current favorite is the Kana Lavender Sleeping mask. So calming to the mind and skin. When my skin feels dry, I also use the Kana Lit face oil in the morning. I'm also enjoying the Hora rose quartz face roller to help the creams and lotions penetrate the skin. Lastly, it’s important to calculate the total mg of CBD in the bottle vs servings. One dropper can vary from 10-40mg depending on the potency and volume of your bottle. Our staff can help you with this calculation. Hope to see you in the store!

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