My Employer Drug Tests!

Can I use CBD?

Short answer, yes! Cannabis drug tests do not test for CBD (Cannabidiol ). The industry standard for drug test lab certifications is 50ng/ml of THC. According to you would have to consume 2000mg of CBD that is below 0.3% THC to come close to testing positive. Since the typical dose is approximately 20mg/day testing positive would be extremely unlikely. THC is stored in the fat cells so other mitigating factors such as rapid weight loss could also release stored THC into your system. If you are worried about your drug test, you may opt for a broad spectrum or isolate CBD product. Our staff can show you many options for all three of the categories below.

Here are the precautions you can take if you are worried about a drug test, but are getting excellent benefits from CBD.

First, buy your CBD from a reputable source! Our products come from companies that provide testing results for their tincture batches. There have been reports of companies whose products contain NO CBD but even worse, companies who include excessive THC or even synthetic marijuana (spice).

Second, decide which version of CBD you are comfortable with. CBD products come in full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.

Full spectrum CBD is made from the whole hemp plant and includes terpenes. I think of terpenes as little ‘helpers’. They enhance the CBD and improve the symptom relief in certain conditions. There are over currently over 200 known terpenes with more being discovered as I write this. They are good for relaxation, some provide focus, some directly affect bodily functions such as immunity. We have a great chart in the shop if you want to see the most recognized terpenes and their effects. Several of our oils have specific terpenes blended in to address specific needs. For example, our 3Chi line has blends for Calm, Sleep, Focus. Our customers say that the full spectrum oils are the most effective, but they do sometimes contain trace amounts of THC. Not enough to get you high, less than .3%.

Broad spectrum is the middle ground between full spectrum and isolate. Broad spectrum has terpenes added in, but zero THC. This is an excellent choice if you want the terpenes but no THC.

Lastly, there is isolate. In its pure form it’s a white powder or crystal. Odorless, colorless and very potent. Isolate is 99.9% pure CBD with no THC and no terpenes. Many of the edibles in our store are made with isolate. We also have a zero THC tincture from isolate. This is a great option for anyone who is drug tested.

Stop in and let us help you select one of over 250 different products in our store.

For more about terpenes, this is a great article:

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