Product Spotlight: Honest Paws

Charles Barkley and Maggie chilling with their CBD Treats

Yes, I'm an animal lover and I have an English Mastiff, a little English Bulldog and a crazy Ragdoll cat. The only thing that keeps this circus running smoothly is pet CBD. If you've been in the store, you will notice that about ⅓ of the 'real estate' is dedicated to pets. CBD affects each pet differently. Barkley takes CBD for aching joints and old age, Maggie takes CBD for obsessive behavior and the cat gets CBD for separation anxiety when we travel. At home, I use both tinctures and treats. The Honest Paws treats are my pets favorites at 5mg CBD per treat and easily broken in half. In the evening they also get a squirt of tincture on their food so we can all relax. Maggie loves the Charlotte's Web chicken flavor CBD oil at 17mg per dose. Charles Barkley gets a larger dose of the Austin and Kat pet CBD oil. Let's not leave out the cat who gets our premium cat treats by Treatables and occasionally the Honest Paws Cat tincture. The Honest Paws treats are peanut butter flavored and a dry, crunchy biscuit. They contain no corn, wheat, soy, dairy or preservatives. This is important to me because Charles Barkley has digestive issues related to these ingredients and a 200lb dog with poop problems is not fun. Ingredients: MCT oil, organic barley flour, organic coconut oil, organic oats, organic peanut butter, whole dried eggs. At $25 plus tax they are the best value with the highest CBD ratio we've found. With Halloween around the corner and the doorbell ringing all night, come see us for some calming solutions for you and your pets.

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