Product Spotlight: Wildflower "Dream"

I love anything Tiffany Blue so when I first saw the Wildflower CBD line I was smitten. They recently introduced a disposable vape called Dream. I'm an instant fan!

It's very slim, doesn't leak and comes ready to use. A smooth 5 second pull illuminates the light at the bottom of the vape so you know it's activated.

The taste is amazing. No chemical or fake fruit flavor. It's just a clean, spa like fresh flavor that is very subtle. I think this can be attributed to the bergamot in the ingredients. Bergamot has indications to help IBS and digestion as well as circulation and stress. Wildflower's website says it's good for all of these in addition to focus and clarity.

Co2 extracted, full spectrum and all natural, it's ingredients are vegetable glycerin, full-spectrum hemp CBD, CBD crystalline, bergamot essential oil, polysorbate, glycerol stearate and soy lecithin. 

It's marketed for sleep but I feel like it's the perfect for an after dinner Netflix binge. $60 (pretax).

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